Success in life is yours!  Everything we need to live a successful life is already provided for us by God:
    • Forgiveness and freedom from past mistakes, regret, an old life? Done
    • Wisdom to know exactly what to do in any given situation or circumstance? Done
    • Guidance and coaching around the mine-fields of everyday living? Done
    • Gifting and ability in an area to make a unique and valuable contribution to the world? Done
    • The miraculous wherever it's needed? Done
    • Even authority over spiritual hindrances and obstacles? Done
    What then stops us? What stalls us? What holds us back?

    Our faith.

    2 Peter 1:1-11
     says it plainly: we have a "precious faith" that can turn His promises to us into "divine nature" inside of us! Imagine that! The passage then goes on to give us steps, how to's if you will, for the journey of faith. Use it for good, for learning more about God, for discipline, for building patience, for being like God, for ultimately showing love. It concludes, "if these things are ours, we will be neither barren or unfruitful in knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ," and, "we will never stumble," and the assurance of an abundant welcome into heaven when we're done here on earth. In other words our lives will be fruitful and successful and eternal!

    So everything we need is provided, it's just up to us to receive it. We do this by faith. Faith is the ability we have to reach up and receive into our lives what God has provided for us. By faith I make a gift from God mine. It's the decision to believe that what God says is ours, and to step out in this confidence. See Hebrews 11:1  This all begs the question: what do I need from God in my life right now?
    • Forgiveness?
    • Wisdom?
    • Guidance?
    • Gifting?
    • A miracle?
    • Authority?
    Go ahead and ask Him for it and receive it by faith. It's yours!

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