Sometimes getting from here (reality) to there (God's dream for our lives) is easier to dream about than to do! 

    What are we to do when things in our lives stay the same, even though we're desiring change? Have you ever been faced with a dream God has for your life, but ended up sad or frustrated because you feel so far from what He would have wanted?  

    Regardless of our circumstances, age or ability this can lead to our hearts losing hope. It can make us feel stuck. ‎ In these times, when you don't know how to get from here to there, pick a few of these to do: 

      1. Realize God's on your side. Your circumstances are not punishment, nor is God holding out on you. He is FOR you. ‎So pray and involve Him.
      2. Get some help. Reach out. Search for a relevant blog to follow. Phone a friend. Tell more, go deeper than you have before. Get a coach or a counselor. Choose wisely but do it - exposure is healing
      3. Do something different. Identify the cycle (there is one, you know), and choose a behavior-change that will disrupt it. Then be consistent.  Done well, this guarantees change.
      4. ‎Begin to speak to what you want to see happen, not what you have seen happen. Words have a way of drawing you in a certain direction. Choose them intentionally.
      5. Get some people praying for you. When it's actually happening this feels like a wind behind your back everyday.  It gives you far greater momentum in positive directions. Just 2 or 3 and you'll literally feel the difference.
      6. Look for what's inside you that's creating your reality. The Bible shows us that what's inside leaks out. So look in the mirror and wonder to yourself, asking Holy Spirit, ‎what is it in me that's creating this issue and needs to change? Change from the inside out is more permanent.
      7. Put something new and unrelated in your daily routine. Change the scenery. Drive the scenic route to work. Listen to a different radio station. Change your desktops. Play a new game with your kids. These things, though small and easy, create new space for your mind to work and God to speak.
      8. Find someone you can help get unstuck and help them do it. See it through. What you know right now is someone else's life-changing answer. Give it away and a door will open for you, guaranteed. 

    Do a few of these (perhaps start with the one you're least likely to want to do!) and changes will certainly follow. 

    Email me your picks from the list above, your questions, or comments.  

    Friend, you CAN accomplish what is in your heart from God to be and do. Getting from here to there IS possible. Even  ‎fun.  

    Discover Bible back up for each point above, right here. Each of the following are live links. Click away! 

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