Stirring Within

    Welcome to October! I find myself with an excitement for what God has for us all this Sunday! Can't wait :-) 

    I sense new life and momentum are brewing at GVC! You may notice it's resulting in identifiable changes and activity already, but its yet largely sub-surface and getting ready to spring forth! 

    Friends, this is good news for us! We are entering into an exciting time! We've weathered some storms and come through (if not yet, you will!). We've experienced some trials and some fire (thank God He's been with us!). Indeed, many of us have had a challenging 2015 so far, right?

    Now, however, in areas we have grown, tired, discouraged or (gasp!) bored in when it comes to church, we can now expect a new dynamic of excitement and engagement regarding what God has for us. Where we have held back because of uncertainty, we can now embrace call of God that's upon us. Imagine. What would that mean for you? This new season can change everything! 

    I'd like to invite you to join in on what God is stirring by being a catalyst with me. That means to tie-in like never before. Maybe try something new for you when it comes to how you approach church, or what you're involved in there. Maybe initiate some new friendships, or attend some things midweek. Or perhaps God is asking you to tune into Him in a new way. 

    Like the sound of that? Would you like some ideas or help with that? Shoot me an email and let's do it together.

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