God's been asking me, what's more important: Confidence or clarity?

    That is, confidence in who I am, or clarity regarding what's on my plate today?

    Fascinating isn't it?

    I know He's leading me to see that who He's made me and what He thinks about me (where our confidence comes from) is most important.

    And I think I know why.

    There is no substitute for knowing His love for me is unconditional and that right now, no matter what's going on around me, I can have ultimate confidence in who He's made me.

    You see, I figure that the "whats" of our lives - the laundry, the inbox, the errands, the budgeting - are out of our control at worst, and relatively unpredicable at best. The "who" we are in life however is rock solid, unchanging, soul-anchor material.

    It gets better...

    The "who we are" is more important than the "what we do" down to the level of how we feel about ourselves and our lives.  I don't know about you, but I want to base my perspective and my attitude on the unchanging reality of His affections for me not on the scattered and only semi-controllable aspects of life!

    Who would choose otherwise?! Well, truth is we all often do, until we're reminded we have a choice. So base your life today on how God sees you (confidence), not on what's around you. Oh, He'll show you step by step how to handle all those things (clarity) but I'm betting He's after the restoration of your confidence first.

    Cheers to your day :-)

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