It's true. You're not liked very much by someone. Let me explain: Our focus on seeking God this past month has doubtless caused some spiritual push back. In fact your very placement in our church has likely put you in the cross-hairs of someone who is out to trip you up.
    BUT GOOD NEWS: We win!
    I write this to encourage you to be alert. Have no fear for God is with us and the good news is, we get to win! As a church we've reached a high place in the spirit, and a spirit of breakthrough from God is upon us to live those changes out that we know He wants to see. In fact the only reason we're under fire in the first place is we're taking territory for God. Any lies of defeat, discouragement, inadequacy, sameness - THEY'RE NOT TRUE! The truth is there is victory for you in the challenges you face. The victory has been won. It's literally yours for the taking.
    ...So make that phone call
    ...Make that apology
    ...Remake that resolution
    ...Stand up for thing you know is right
    ...Tell that person about Jesus
    ...Apply for that job
    ...Sign up at that gym
    ...Have that conversation you've avoided
    ...Decide to spend that time with God again
    ...Commit to stepping out on that desire you still have.
    The important thing here is to not listen to the lies of the enemy but to advance in the face of them. To take a step in the direction God's pointing you in. 
    Don't hold back because you don't understand the whole journey. Just advance and do it now. See, the resistance you may feel is comprised of lies tailor made to stop you. Don't hide behind them. They are like arrows intended for your mind from someone who doesn't like you very much. 
    So church, let's step out in confidence, because there is Someone who loves us very much.
    For all He has for you in 2015,
    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 
    PS. If you'd like help praying through this, applying it, or you have questions or comments simply email / ph / txt and let's chat

    Soundtrack for the Week:
    Loving this song by Chris Tomlin lately. Get alone for a few minutes and stand in His Presence using this song as a backdrop. You'll come away changed. 

    Coming Up:
    • Our church events are here
    • Our Sunday February messages are about the Love Walk that God calls us to. Is this the icing, or the cake? Is this a nice thing to do, or the only thing to do? Get familiar with the book of 1 John. What jumps out to you?

    Spend Some Time:
    • Wednesday: What one thing is the enemy trying his hardest to stop you doing? Now read Romans 8:31. And go out and do that thing.
    • Thursday: What triggers your defeat? Sit down and outline with the Holy Spirit what happens before you throw in the towel - you know, that sequence you go through. 
    • Friday: This weekend, what can you step out and do that would be different and step towards the change you're on the brink of? You can do it
    • Saturday: Write the names of your family members, or close friends, on a piece of paper. Pray for each one by name. What are you impressions?
    • Sunday: See you in church!
    • Monday: What did you see, hear, feel, encounter in church that made you want to change something or do something differently? Make the plan.
    • Tuesday: Read the book of 1 John. Yes, it's short. Read it again! Repeat.

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