...Out of all the things on your schedule, in your planning, and in your heart,
    ...from all the complexity of your purpose on the earth and circumstances you're in,
    ...embedded in the diversity of all the things that matter in life,
    Is there something that matters most?
    Is there a way to pinpoint what everything else revolves around and finds its significance in? And, further, what if life could be as simple as a focus on that one thing and all that precipitates from it?
    Life can be that simple.
    The one thing, is relationship with God. Yours. EVERYTHING else circles this in your existence, and derives it's meaning (or lack thereof) on how it comes back to this central reality.

    So, how's that going? What are your next steps in it?  Thru the lens of your relationship with Him, what is Jesus showing you about the other things in your life - your approach, your fears, your hopes and dreams? 

    Simply put, it's all about Jesus. You and Jesus. Matthew 28:20b
    Photo by Paul Bulai on Unsplash

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