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    Dear Gateway Victory:

    Did you ever go shopping with God?!

    In our last service together I felt like God was taking us shopping - He was offering to buy us new clothes of JOY :-) I don't know about you, but I could actually feel His JOY in the room on Sunday - I think He must love Baby Dedications too!

    Thanks everyone for coming and being open to whatever God wants to do in our services. We're learning how to follow Him as a church, and we're on an adventure together!

    And a significant breakthrough for our church this Sunday: 105! That's right, our very first service with over 100 people!!! A big THANK YOU to all our recent visitors and family/extended family that came for the Baby Dedications who put us over the top! We loved having you there - thanks for coming and making it special for our babies and their parents.

    Speaking of which, if you're fairly new (or brand new) to our church - WELCOME! We're excited that our paths have crossed and we hope you are finding what you're looking for. Wondering what's next? Click here to check out some next steps to take.

    The question I feel God was asking loudest on Sunday was, "In your life right now, what do you need to take off (spiritually!) in order to allow yourself to put on, aka feel, His JOY?"

    Kind of a strange question, until we remember that just as real as the closet off your bedroom, you have a spiritual closet full of clothes you routinely wear. You get up each and every morning and "put on" your outfit for the day...
    • a bit of angst, apprehension or concern perhaps
    • or an air of discouragement or worry for what's ahead that day
    • or maybe something you've been dragging around for a long time like a sense God is displeased with you, or that you're missing it somehow
    • or sometimes unforgiveness, a grudge, or an offense you have from something that's happened
    • and what about those questions, fears, anxieties...

    This spiritual getting dressed becomes so routine, we often do it without choosing.

    The good news is, with a simple "turn of heart" you and I can choose what we'll wear spiritually on any given day. That's right, a core decision, made from your spirit (different than just trying harder to not feel or think something), is all it takes to feel completely different about pretty much EVERYTHING!

    "You are not what you feel, you are what you decide" - Rex Craine

    So when it comes to dressing up in (aka being in tune with the JOY of God), first settle in your own heart, what has to go. That is, what do you have to "change out of"?

    Once you know what that is, (it's usually your first impression and for most of us it's the fear-based thoughts and anxieties we carry around from day to day), specifically ask the Holy Spirit to help you "change". Then ask God to take you shopping.

    In fact, why not take a minute right now? What do you want to "wear" today? Tired of the way you feel sometimes? Go shop with God.

    Loving church because I love you,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)

    Sound Track for the Week:

    David Crowder Band: Joy to the World - amazing rendition. Indeed, "...let every heart prepare Him room"!

    Road Map for the Week:

    Monday - Romans 12:2 ...I referenced this key verse a few times on Sunday. Read it and make a list of what thoughts would "conform" you (define you) if you didn't decide to be "transformed". This exercise makes you aware of the clothes you're wearing spiritually

    Tuesday - 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 ...This is one of the verses that shows we are "spirit", have a "soul" and live in a "body". What parts of us is God committed to "preserving"? Who will do it? How guaranteed does that make it?

    Wednesday - Psalms 103:1-5 ...I come back to these verses over and over. Especially when I want to "dress right" spiritually. I find if I read these verses out loud a few times, and engage my heart and emotions when doing so it changes everything. That's because the Word, in itself, has tremendous power.

    Thursday - Isaiah 54 ...this is incredibly exciting prophetic scripture that's aimed at OUR time. Yup, YOUR life, and right now. Notice the connection b/w supernatural conception and God's favor, desire with a group of people. Just saying. Also notice, that the singing and speaking, the expanding and putting things in order, happens before God ever gives the increase. See, it's what we wear spiritually that creates the reality. So SING! EXPAND! Hope you get this. Questions? Insight? Email me

    - Phillipians 4:6-8...memorize these verses. Please! This is your fashion guide for what to wear spiritually, aka, to guide your thought life by. This is the standard that Jesus has already reached for you and empowered you to duplicate! Use this as a filter for what you allow, don't allow, into the "thoughts of your heart". Once you decide to live by these verses, it shows you what you can't wear anymore, perhaps even what acquaintances / life-style / entertainment choices you'll have to steer away from because they're not helping you at all. Good food for thought, huh? Ask Holy Spirit to help you with this.

    Saturday - It's give-it-away day! Take one of the verses you've come across lately and give it away. Txt it someone (make up a phone number! Or someone you know) or write it on a card, personalized for someone you work with, play with. Give it to the mailman. Share it on FB. Start a Twitter account. SOMETHING!

    Sunday - See you in church!

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