Reset How You do Weekends

    Dear Church:

    Welcome to another weekend everyone!

    Weekends: We look forward to them all week and yet we can end up on Monday mornings somewhat disappointed in them! Here's how to re-calibrate how you do them:

    Choose the Jesus-Factor:

    If it's taking 30-seconds, 3 times during your Saturday to look up to the ceiling with the kids around your feet and offer a smile at the One who's smiling over you - DO IT. Or if it's going for a walk, alone, with your Father in Heaven to be thankful and chat about your life - DO IT.

    Friends, when it comes to spending time with God, anything counts, and you'll reap huge, immediate dividends. It's always worth it. Of course, if you can, get to church too - DO IT :-)

    Choose the Social-Factor:

    Dig a bit. Search for a contact or a relative, or one living in your own house to spend 30 minutes of quality time with. Someone that doesn't usually get your attention. This means being fully present with them and wanting to be nowhere else. 

    "Do for one person what you wish you could do for all" - Andy Stanley

    Maybe for you, this needs to be with your spouse! Go there. Or perhaps a friend comes to mind that haven't gone out with in a while. Use Facebook to actually set up a face-to-face meeting!  Now's the time. Or at least reach out and make the plan.

    Choose the Solitude-Factor:

    When was the last time you did something intentionally alone - something that feeds your heart? Maybe you do this regularly (way to go!) but if you're like most it's something that we sacrifice all week long for "more important things". 

    Now's the time to take 30 mins and make it happen. Go for a walk in a park. Or around a block! Go have a cappuccino, alone. Go shopping or for a drive. Something!


    Friends, to reset how you do weekends choose make these factors realities for you. Make a list and check things off as you go. Over the next two days this would take you approx. 2hrs to complete - time you're going to spend somehow anyway - why not make it intentional?!

    Make this weekend count, and we'll see you in church on Sunday. Heads up: It's PENTECOST SUNDAY and the Global Day of Prayer!  Join us - it's an opportunity to cross off 2 of these 3 items from your new Weekend Must-Do List!

    Loving church because I love you!

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

    PS. Extra Challenge for your Weekend: Before Sunday service, read how church started from Acts 2.  Try it in a translation of the Bible that's unusual for you. You can find many options using this link

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