Dear Church:

    On Sunday we get to do something that will shine the light of God to in our church's community in a powerful way. 

    As our friends and neighbors from the Woodbine area begin to line up for the Stampede Breakfast, served 9-11am right at our church location, we'll be ready.

    • Sporting our GVC Volunteer shirts, warm smiles and a willingness to serve, we'll be ready! 
    • As the children fill the game stations and each one represents a chance for us to quietly pray and minister His grace, we'll be ready!
    • When people ask us about our church, how long we've been there, when the services are or if just anyone can come, we'll be ready!
    • If the enemy starts to stalk us and tell us lies, sowing strife, confusing our mission or making us timid, we'll be ready!
    • As conversations evolve to be about the felt-needs people have - whether it's around the pancake grills, food tables or at our kids face-painting station - we'll be ready!
    • When opportunities present themselves to hand out an invite to our church, serve someone in an over-the-top way, to be kind, to offer an encouraging word, or to pray for someone -  we'll be ready!

    Friends, this is our time to shine! On Sunday, look for YOUR God-created opportunity and then later tell us YOUR story of how you feel you helped make this happen. 

    Remember, more than a great Stampede Breakfast experience, this is our chance to show to our community a little bit of what a church full of God feels like. 

    And what we do on Sunday doesn't stop at the end of this event, but rather this event can be a threshold of sorts for our church ....a marker of a change of perspective for us:

    On Sunday, may we be emboldened afresh in our mission to be the church that shines brighter and brighter to the world around us. In this season, let's learn to be an even greater gateway - an opening between heaven and earth through which more and more people can experience the overwhelming love of God in a way that changes their lives. God give us that boldness! 

    That's where Jesus is taking us...Are you ready?!

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

    PS. A huge thank you to all who are signed up and ready to go with your various roles on Sunday. I believe we already have some record-breaking volunteer turn-out about to happen! Way to go church!!! 

    If you would like to be a part of our volunteer base for this event but haven't let us know yet, please do so via reply email or ph/txt. Right now we have hot opportunities to be involved in manning the kids games stations and for cooks / servers - Thank you!

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