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    Dear Gateway Victory Church

    Wow - it's been a quick week so far! Must have been that Family Day Holiday. Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Mara and I pray this prayer for you, your families and our church family. Pray it with us!

    Isn't it true that life screams by if we're not careful to pay attention? The things that matter most can get missed if we aren't intentional. This week here's a quick look at some pointers for showing the love of God to your friends and family as you run through your week:
    • Look in the margins. The good parts of life, the connections that mean everything to us and to the quality of our days, happen outside the scheduling, striving, planning, and task completions. Learn to look at "what's happening while you're doing" - it's there in the people, the laughter, the closeness, the meeting of needs, that life and your legacy is happening.
    • Look at your effect. Learn to be aware of how people are experiencing you. Know that the effect you have matters very much, and make it a point to leave behind your in your days a trail of the grace of God. People won't remember what you tell them, they'll remember how you made them feel.
    • Look to Jesus. Especially when you're facing people that you find difficult. A great prayer to pray is, "Jesus, show me how you see this person". When you see what He sees you'll love like He loves. That's a profound truth. Practice it on people you already love, then transfer the habit to people you struggle with.
    These pointers are powerful because the way you think about what God thinks about you results in how you interact with people and how you live your life. This has been our key theme for the month of February, and I trust it's driving some change in your thinking and experiencing of the love of God in your life.

    Consider this. Here's what God thinks about when He thinks about you:

    God is looking in the margins of your life. The spaces in your schedule and in between your thoughts and striving - He's looking there, for you to meet His glance, to show you the keys to life. Friends, it's not in the doing, it's in the being.

    God is looking at your effect. The light that you shine, is the way the Bible talks about this. This is, in His mind, why you're even here.

    God is wanting you to look to Him to love others with His love. He is waiting to pour out His love on your awareness that it may flow through your life to others. The easy to love people in your life are illustrations of how this is done. The more difficult people in your life are for your practice. In your immediate future He's got some really hurting, needy, desperate (but beautiful) people for you to love with His love. Will you see them? How will you love them?

    Friends, let us love one another!

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    PS. Want help applying this? Do you have questions or comments around it? Email me, or give me a call / txt. Let's chat


    Soundtrack for the Week:

    A great song by Jason Gray - With Every Act of Love - Get it? Let's live this out.


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    • Feb. 19 - Midweek Prayer - Due to flooding situation at Rowan and Mara's house, stay tuned / Txt. for location this week
    • Feb. 21 - Mara's 40th B.day Party! All invited - 6pm - Camil and Benita's House. Please RSVP. Full event details are here

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