Overwhelmed? Then hide. That's right, when in a place where your heart is overwhelmed by the demands of life, run and hide.

    But not in the place, nor with the distractions you may think or be tempted to run to. Rather, hide in God. See, we think we should go to God when it's all making sense and things are feeling good. We think then we can present a life all together to the One we're called to serve. That then He'd be pleased.

    However, it doesn't work like that. It's actually kinda opposite.

    Proper form for Jesus followers is this: We take our mess, our inadequacy, our fears and our "overwhelm" to Him and He receives us as we are. He relieves us of our fears. He accepts us and cherishes us. And it's in this that He's pleased.

    Sometimes we don't even know how to find God, but as we turn our hearts towards Him with that which is too much for us, He actually leads us by the hand to Himself - to the shelter that only He can provide. From this vantage point He then begins to fight for us. To arrange for us. He goes to work on our behalf to provide us a way of escape. Further, showing us the keys to living well, and the solutions to pressing matters.

    Oh, praise God for His mercy and truth! I thank God that He is this way!

    (You can find this thought throughout the Bible. Psalms Chapter 61, to be exact. Selah!) 

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