There's a process God takes us through on multiple levels of our lives:

    1. Desire - He shows us potential and what our lives are capable of when lived for Him. He grants the dream.
    2. Discipline - He leads us into the forming of character, skill development and relationship with Him that can manifest those desires. He forms the dreamer.
    3. Delight - He grants us the blessing of enjoying all He's doing in us and through us. He gives life abundant.

    So it's always good to ask, "where in this process am I?" and to allow Him to bring changes and outline the way forward. As a follower of Jesus, you never, ever need to:

    1. Put up with no, or low desire. God wants you to want the best that life offers in every area. He made you to want it!
    2. Put up with no purpose behind the disciplines and processes of your life. He's working in you to prepare you for something!
    3. Put up with boredom, same-old-same-old or low levels of enjoyment. He wants you to thoroughly enjoy life right now!

    Therefore we must let Him regularly re-align and re-adjust these components of the process He's developing in our lives. This is the Holy Spirit's job inside of us. He's our coach in these things. Create space to allow Him:

    1. To re-surface and highlight the desires of your heart that He put there and designed you to carry. Don't let anything steal your desires - it's your life-line to the things God has for you in life.
    2. To highlight the disciplines, changes to your trajectory and "what to do differently" in your daily practices in this season. To bring renewed purpose to those habits of thought and ways of being He's asking you to change.
    3. To unveil the incredible blessings of life you're immersed in right now in a way that you can truly live with abundance in each moment.

    What would you say God is saying to you in each of these stages of the process He's taking you through? Go ahead and put pen to paper around your ideas here. Then share it with someone close to get additional traction.

    God loves you and has great plans for you!

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