What's Your Source?

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    I've been watching Rodney Howard Browne whenever I get the chance over the last week or so.

    It was at his meetings about 17 years ago that he called me out of the crowd to pray for me and I received an impartation from God that changed me at the core. His meetings made me realize that there's always more of God to receive. They showed me that you can experience God and know His Presence - quite literally - along with the how-to for creating that kind of experience. It caused me to want this to be a main message of my life.

    Later, as you may know (!), this became the mission of our church: life-changing God-encounters. 

    So here I am watching these videos and it takes me back, as if to a source. It invigorates my journey and reminds me of where we're going and why. It's this connection with purpose that allows for passion and focus in the here and now.

    This all begs the question, what would you need to go back to, to spend some time unearthing, that would do the same for you?

    Is there a source of inspiration for you that would have the power to bring into sharp focus what your day-in and day-out needs to be about today? Where and when did you first sense, first know, first become inspired to start the trek that got you to today?

    It's good to know, or if not available to find one, because then you can go back there and discover new perspective, fresh motivation and actionable ways forward.


    On Thursday, October 27, 2016, said:

    Good one, takes me back to long ago when I was relying on people to bring me happiness. When that source was gone and I got a wake up call, I chose to go to God for love and happiness. Reading through psalms I found the same cry for God's protection as I was looking my whole life. From despair I was pulled out by His comforting words. That whole situation thought me lots. The memory of it and the lesson are my source.


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