Dear Gateway Victory Church:

    On Sundays lately we've been experiencing how much God loves us, as the foundation for everything else that we believe and do. We're discovering that:

    What you think about what He thinks about you results in how you interact with people and how you live your life.

    A profound truth, indeed.

    A great way to keep this front and center is to learn to answer the following question throughout your day, especially at the key intersections and decision points: "What would I do differently right now if I really believed that I'm incredibly loved?"

    This question changes everything. Well, at least some key things that need changing, that is.

    - The way you want that person to validate you
    - That nagging depression you need to shake
    - That fear of being rejected
    - The way you deal with money
    - Your worries. That anxious feeling that gets way too strong
    - Those things you think define you
    - How you keep track of achievements
    - How someone else has the ability to frustrate you

    Ephesians 3:17 says that we are designed to live rooted and grounded in a love that's so deep and powerful that it'll literally fill us with the fullness of God! Imagine living like that!

    What kind of life do I want to live? One that's rooted and grounded in love. Is there a better kind?! This means to increasingly live so that all we do and say comes from that place in us that knows we're loved by God.  Friends, our hearts grow things. Our lives have fruit. People experience you a certain way and you have an effect. Yes, a heart has a root system and we are the gardeners of our own hearts. We get to plant and uproot.

    How do I plant my life squarely in the love of God where it belongs? How can I ensure that the fruit of my energies, my relationships, my work, my parenting, my marriage ends up being life-giving and valuable to the world?

    By asking the question - What would I do differently right now if I knew I was incredibly loved? You owe it to yourself to at least begin to ask it. To pause long enough during the course of your day to pose it to your heart and mind and to sense the answer.

    What you do next can change everything.

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    PS. Want help applying this? Do you have questions or comments around it? Email me, or give me a call / txt. Let's chat


    Soundtrack for the Week:
    Put this in your spiritual pipe and smoke it. David Crowder Band - How He Loves

    Coming Up:
    • Feb. 11 - This Wednesday night: Ladies Gateway at Benita's - Snacks, Bible discussion and ministry around topics for ladies
    • Feb. 12 - This Thursday night: Worship Night - Join our fabulous worship team in a church-wide worship night at our Woodcreek church location. 7pm. 
    • February 21st - Church-wide Connect Event: I'm inviting the whole church to celebrate Mara's 40th birthday with me! Circle the date. Starts at 6pm. Details TBA.
    Spend Some Time:
    This week Wed-Fri. I've made some notes for you from Sunday's message regarding what it means to your life that God loves you. From Sat. to next Tues. I've arranged a track to run on around what to do in a difficult time. Whether its from your own doing, others, or the enemy, you and I need to know how to deal with "various trials" when they arise. Go there with me.
    ...He Loves me. So what? What does this mean? Why would it affect what I do and say?
    • Wednesday: He loves you means He is WITH you. Is. 43:2 - where you stand He stands. What difference does that make to what you do next?
    • Thursday: He loves you means He is FOR you. Rom. 8:31 - if you knew that whatever you tried you would succeed at it, what would you do? It's just a question but an important one. What would you do next if you knew He was with you in it? He is.
    • Friday: He loves you means He is your SUPPLY. Phil. 4:19 - your need can be met not according to economy, your own resources or work, or any earthly factor. Your intangible needs for love and acceptance, for significance and for meaning? Those too.
    ...On things that are hard in life. Bible calls these "various trials..." Grab your Bible and open it to ...James 1:2-5
    • Saturday: Something to consider ...Something negative happens in your life and then you feel something. The occurrence has no emotion, rather you and I place that in there. In the space between what happens and what we feel we have a choice. The Bible says put joy there. Consider it joy. Not rejection, not reason for worry or fear, or discouragement. Joy. Here's why. Think about it!
    • Sunday: Somethings to realize. Hold on, what's the big deal about patience? James 1:2-5 says that trials are great because they develop patience. Ummm, okay... Why should that be cause for joy?! Good question - the answer lies in what patience produces. We reach for patience because patience is the catalyst for our being "mature, complete and lacking nothing"! Okay, so here's the mechanism: something negative happens and I decide to react with joy because I know that this trial is only testing my faith (my belief that God is good). As I believe in the goodness of God in my life in the face of this trial, patience is developed in me which helps me stand; and because I stand in faith I will see the goodness of God and come to lack nothing - as in receive from God what I'm believing for (not to mention an increase in maturity and perfection)!
    • Monday: Something to know. Always remember that in the midst of a trial wisdom is available for the asking. That is, a nugget from heaven, a key, a solution, a way through will be revealed to you. The Bible says that Jesus has been made unto us wisdom, and He assured us He'll always be with us. Folks, we never walk alone!
    • Tuesday: Something to see. You, a mere person, are given access to the view point and perspective of God Himself. Here's how to get it. In a trial these days? Do so even more.

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