On Being 44

    On turning 44 it occurred to me that there were three things that were factoring in my thoughts and prayers and living in general as supremely important. Attempting to put words to them here...

    1. The cause of Christ. As I follow Him I see with increasingly clarity that what's most important of all in life, in any area and in any moment, is simply: what He wants. Not just for my happiness (His way is ALWAYS the best for us) but for His mission in among us all - who He died for and the Truth He lives for: The truth that sets us free and allows us to live an increasingly abundant life. The truth of what His sacrifice purchased for me, the people around me, ...for Canada and for the world!! A big thought, yes, but I want this to have all the sway in my marriage and family, those closest to me, and in any work I do "out there".

    2. The cherishing of life! The older I get the more I figure out "it's not going to get better than this!" That is, the moment NOW is the best one. I want to live every moment fully, being present to whomever I'm with, and engaged in all that God wants day by day. Whoever said "life is what happens as we're making other plans" had a hold on a great truth. As did the person who said, "the way you live your days is the way you live your life"! ...As did the Psalmist in "Be still and know that I AM (now) God"!

    3. Being the Best "Me" Possible! It was Steven Covey who first gave me the words for this, in one of his famous "7 Habits": Sharpening the Saw. The idea being that you can work incredibly hard in life "cutting trees" down, but what if you took some time out to sharpen your saw? It intrigues me that our capacity in any given area of life is largely untapped. I'm curious and motivated that life presents so many opportunities to improve and to become more of who God ultimately had in mind when He made us. What is a person's redeemed potential?! I want to be the best I can be - for my wife, family and any influence God gives me. And for Jesus, because He gave His all for me.

    What would be your three things?

    Photo by Uroš Jovičić on Unsplash

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