There's a big difference in life between God watching you and God being 
    with you. Right?

    I mean, in the first sense He's the guy in the sky looking to see what you're doing right and wrong (mostly wrong, we're sure, from His perspective), and from the second perspective, He's, amazingly, just always there. With you. In the nitty gritty - the good, the bad and the ugly. As in right by us in the things we're into that we're proud of, and even in those we're not so proud of.

    Truthfully, I'm not so motivated to live well when I have this image of Him just observing me. Not only is it overwhelming in terms of what He must know (and probably not like), but it's also discouraging from the angle that I feel over-watched anyway! He's someone else I have to please?

    However, if I see Jesus, as the Bible talks about - WITH me, that kicks off a whole different narrative. Now I'm motivated to fully live because the One who loves me is here too, right here in the trenches, making hard choices easier and making the most WITH me of whatever is in front of me.

    Think of newly weds as they stand saying their vows: do they anticipate having to live right because now they'll be watched, or getting to live fully because now they have each other?

    You signed up for a life-long relationship with Jesus. Not the NSA.

    Let the revelation of this change settle around your thinking. See Him as there with you. In the challenges, smiling at your full living of this life He's given you, ready with wisdom and grace when you need it.

    It makes all the difference!

    See Isaiah 43:2
    And the song that runs thru my head everytime I read it
    And a church that believes it

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