Dear Church:

    Lately in our services we've been talking about the importance of the Essential Nutrients required for spiritual growth - feeding that part of us that matters most.

    The three Essential Nutrients are the disciplines of:

    • Conversation with God
    • Interaction with the Bible
    • Relationships with people following Jesus

    It's these life-giving habits that constitute our spiritual diet and cause us to be AWAKE spiritually.

    Friends, this is how God designed that we live: Awake and alert in our spirit. When we slumber here we are in danger of missing out on the abundance of the life that Jesus has provided for us. 

    If we sleep spiritually we are set up to miss the following:

    • Who's actually with us. God has provided for us His very Presence. Ps. 16:11 indicates that we can live with the joy of this Presence day in day out. But not when we're asleep spiritually! Let's be awake to this glorious fact: He's with us!
    • The blessing on us. God has provided abundantly for this life on earth. Eph. 1:3 says that we can live with every spiritual blessing there is. But not when we're asleep spiritually! Let's be awake to this glorious fact too: He's blessed us with everything we need!
    • What's being stolen from us. God's Word makes it clear we're under constant attack from the enemy. 1 Pet. 5:8 let's us know that the enemy is out to steal from our lives and that we can be aware of this and thwart his efforts. But not when we're asleep spiritually! Let's be awake to the strategy of the enemy against us and our families / churches and his place in our lives secured by Jesus' Victory: The devil is under our feet!

    God is with you right now. His blessing is upon you in every area. His power is within you to win every fight. Be awake to these realities today!

    How do I live like this? Spend some time, alone with God to talk to Him and read His Word. And connect yourself in life to some people doing the same. Do these things often, with focus and passion. 

    When it comes to Jesus and His plans for you, determine in your heart not to miss a thing! See you around or on Sunday.

    Loving church because I love you!

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime

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