Making Choices that Stick

    Want to make some choices stick? Here's how it's done:

    1. Believe

    Unless something changes deeper than an action, the action won't change. You can make temporary shifts in behaviour just because "I want to" or "it seems right", but for there to be significant behavioral change, belief has to change. Spend time building your belief systems around what the Bible has to say about the power of God that's in you, about the way you spend your time and about the potential change via your words.

    2. Pause

    This is the moment you take to realize your ability to make a choice and to make a choice. For habit change, the point is to make a choice different than your norm. In a moment of tension make a choice to operate out of the peace and joy He's put inside you; when facing your next busy day, make a choice to start and end it with the Father; In your next argument, whoever it may be with, make a choice to say what will bless instead of to get your own way. It's the moment you'll find that God moves right in and will empower you to do what you have thought you couldnt' do.

    3. Act

    Here's where the rubber meets the road. Notice there are two steps before ever actually do anything different! We need these micro steps to be in place in order for us to overcome the gravity of the way we've always done things. When you get to this moment "ACT" out the change you want to see. You'll not only notice the moment of choice, but you can make the right choice knowing the power is in you to do so. 

    What would your Christmas be like if you applied these simple steps to those quality-dictating aspects of your holidays? You know, the rush around times, the family gathering times, the times that have gotten tense in previous years. This year, what about setting yourself up to make some very different choices and to show the peace and joy of Jesus like only you can?

    Think about it!

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