Happy Easter Weekend Everyone! We have some life-changing news to share...

    In case you haven't heard already, Charis Denae (Rowan and Mara's fourth!) was born April 2nd! She's amazing :-) Here's a pic.

    In case you're loving the picture, can't wait to meet her, but it's not changing your life yet, keep reading...


    That's right. Jesus, who was God born among us, lived a perfect life and yet, according to the plan of heaven, died a criminal's death. He did so because He loved us enough to give even His life to secure our rescue. And rescue us He did! His death paid the price necessary to purchase us back from the evil one, whose grip we had fallen into because of our waywardness. Now there is no more condemnation for us!!! 

    What's more - after 3 days in the grave Jesus rose to life again, conquoring death itself to give us the life He intended for us to live from the beginning. Once we were bound, chained and condemned to a life separated from God, but now we have been set free to live in relationship with Him. 

    Further - we get to experience His life and power operating through us extended to the world He loves in an incredible adventure called the church!

    This is why we'll meet this Ressurection Sunday, gathering together to remember that He died to pay the ultimate price, then He rose to give us life. As we proclaim it His life, love and power will be poured out on us and through us in tangible life-altering ways. 

    Oh what a day!

    Meet with us at 10am for some pre-service treats you won't want to miss.
    Service starts at 10:30am. All welcome.

    Bring one of your friends. Or make a new one and bring them. People need to know Him.

    See you soon!

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime

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