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    Dear Church:

    It felt awesome to be with you all again on Sunday!

    Again, thanks so much for the overwhelming support and prayers that we felt as my family gathered in NS around my father passing away and his funeral. We truly felt blessed to be a part of a church family at this time, and my hope is that any one of us would feel this as we need it in our lives.  Love the church being the church!

    In case you may have missed some of our upcoming events and announcements, I'd like to take this space here to keep you up to date. We have responses from our recent Sunday services, but want to make sure we include you!

    Please read each of the items below and click the "let us know"links to respond to any of the following that apply to you. This way we can answer any of your questions, plan for the rest of the year accurately, and send you further details and updates.

    Note: If the "let us know" links don't work for you, please respond to rowan@gatewayvictory.com, or txt me at
    403.816.1684. Also, if you've already responded to these questions, or signed up for more info in church, there's no need to do so again.
    1. This Wednesday, Oct. 15th, we're launching a "Gateway" at Dave and Anna's house. The vision for this is for a midweek gathering, to be held every other Wednesday, from 7:30 - 9:00pm for Bible Study / Prayer and connecting on a deeper level with each other. (We're going to go through the book of Ephesians together - memorizatioin challenge included!) If you think you might like to attend this Gateway, or have interest in this type of gathering, (would like to help lead one, host one, or even create your own) - let us know
    2. We're having a special worship time this Thursday night, Oct. 16th at our church facility from 7:30 - 8:30pm. Our praise and worship team will be leading us into an extended time of worship. It'll be sooooo exciting to do this with you all and to see where God takes us in it. Thursday night pray-ers will be joining in. Coming? Have an interest in being a part of our praise and worship team, or Thursday night prayer team? Let us know
    3. Next Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, at 12 noon, a group of ladies are meeting for some fellowship, lunch and Bible Study n prayer. If you haven't signed up already, do you want to be a part of this, or are you interested in this type of mid-week gathering? Let us know
    4. On Sunday, Oct. 26th, 2014 we'll be having an International Potluck after the service. Will you be attending? Would you like to add to the international menu? Or would you like to be a part of setting up this event? Let us know
    5. Mara and I announced this last Sunday that we are EXPECTING our fourth baby!!! Question is: Is this a boy, a girl, or twins? If Jesus is telling you, or you have a huge hunch, let us know!
    6. For all our new readers, our regular readers and out-of-town friends: What do you like about this email / blog? How could it improve / what would you like to see more of? Let us know.
    Items 1-4 above are all invitations for you to go deeper spiritually and relationally with us in our church. If you have thoughts, ideas and feedback or questions on any of these initiatives, feel free to drop us a line.

    Friends, we're in the final quarter of the year, let's finish 2014 even more in love with Him and even more in love with each other than when we started it. Let's look at what God can do in our midst!

    Loving church because I love you,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime!

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