Just the Way Things Are?

    Dear Gateway Victory Church

    Great Sunday wasn't it friends?

    In our recent Sunday services, prayer times and again this past Sunday I felt the new normal, the new place that God is solidifying around us as a church family. It's a place of redemption power (God's rescue and God's intention towards us). It's exciting! Let's set ourselves to fully discover the salvation of our God!

    So, also, you can find this in your life. There's a way God intended things to be for you, and no matter what resistance you have felt, God is bringing you healing and creating change to get you there!

    Some times God brings redemptive change overnight. There's a moment, a "miracle", and all of a sudden it's different. A relationship feels different. A physical healing takes place. Or provision for something suddenly shows itself.

    In other cases God puts you on a trajectory that if you follow, over time, things will become very different.

    This is true for many of our church family who feel they're standing in between two generations - ones who have gone on before that have not followed God fully, and those who will go on after to be fully devoted to the Lord. You stand there in between them to bend your own life from old ways and things modeled for you towards something that's much better, something that God originally intended and something that you believe to see in the generations after you.

    Some of you do this for your own family. Some in the family of God for the younger generation you see there. Or you don't see there ...yet! This is a trajectory of change. If you stay the course things will become radically different.

    Other trajectories of change can include your character. Your habits. A marriage. Getting mortgage free! Getting debt-free. That relationship with your child.

    Know this: whether God brings you rapid change, or gives you a tenacity of faith to systematically steer things away from the enemy who kills, steals and destroys and into the paths of wisdom which are pleasantness and peace - He has redemption for you! He has paid the price that makes life-change possible. He has paid the price to rescue you from the curse of sin - yours and that of the world around you. It no longer has any hold over us!

    For the Christian, this is just the way things are. It's your normal. Therefore we are compelled to ask of those things in our lives: what must change here in Jesus' Name? We identify it. Circle it. And begin to pray about it. Next Sunday we'll be talking about driving the change that He's paid for.

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    Soundtrack for the Week:

    A great song a friend go me into. "Shoulders" - by King and Country. Riddled with the concept of REDEMPTION.


    Coming Up:
    • March 11 - Ladies Gateway at Benita's house - Now a monthly evening meeting. Txt./ph for address and details: 403.816.1684
    • March 12 - Midweek Prayer - Let's meet and pray and revel in all that He has for us! See you there! Open invite to join us - a great place to learn different prayer styles and add yours to the mix when you feel comfortable doing so

    Spend Some Time:

    Grab your Bible and pen. Find these truths and underline them. Set yourself reminders and live them. If God has given us the power to live the life like He intended then let's have at it!
    • Tuesday: Ps. 139 - What are those thoughts He has towards you? Have they changed? What difference do they make? What difference could they make?
    • Wednesday: Mat. 16:24 - Pick a problem area for you - a challenge or concern. Ask - what would Jesus do if he were me? Then listen to your own thoughts around this.
    • Thursday: Eph. 2:10 - Determine today, what 3 things that if accomplished would constitute the next steps in the "good works" He has for you? Write them down. Do them.
    • Friday: Is. 43 - What flood, fire, "overwhelming" circumstance are you in right now? What difference is it that you "never have to walk alone"?
    • Saturday: Mat. 5:14 - Who are you a light for in your life. Who around you desperately needs to know what you already know? Make a plan to share it.
    • Sunday: See you in church :-) 
    • Monday: As a believer, you must have an answer to the question: What am I believing God for? Ok, so what is it? Write it down. Share it.

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