It's Your Turn!

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    Dear Gateway Victory:

    You are an amazing church! It's fantastic what God does whenever we meet ...and the reception you give Jesus is growing and growing to create an irresistibly perfect place for others to find Him. Don't know about you but I'm so excited to be a part of what we're creating together!

    Okay, here's a question to rock your world: What if God is waiting to hear His Word in YOUR mouth before He fulfills it in YOUR life?

    You see, lately in church we've been discussing how all God has promised us in the Bible is "yes and amen" (that's the Bible way of saying YES it's all for YOU!) It's been wonderful to chew on this revelation for a few weeks.
    But now it's your turn.
    Yup. Time to get out your copy of all those promises and:
    1. Write some promises out. Take some time to review and find a few verses that speak to that key area of life you need God to come through for you in. Then write them out. Make them punch by writing them in "first person". Go ahead - He meant them for you anyway!
    Example: "God, you are the one who takes sickness away from the midst of me, and so I declare this because you said to have your words in my mouth and that I shall have whatever I say."

    2. Frame the verse in "Thanksgiving" for what He has promised. When we thank God for something He said, even when we don't actually have it yet, we express faith. That is, we believe Him in the face of contrary circumstance. Think of it as the opposite of fear. Fear doesn't hesitate in coming long before we experience anything really negative! Make it the same with your faith. Pull your promise closer to you by thanking God for something you know is true but yet is still on it's way to you.
    Example: "Father I thank you that you supply all my need according your riches in glory, it's so good to have all my needs met by you!"
    3. Act out the word. That is, find those places in the Bible where it tells you to do something and then by reading it out and acting on it fully engage that scripture. Read about blessing the Lord, dancing, singing a new song, showing love to others, declaring, shouting, etc. etc. and actually physically put the action in motion along side your faith.
    Example: "God, right now I shout GRACE to the mountain in front of me...(Insert a grace-shout here!)"
    So it's your turn. I urge you to do these things without delay or compromise. And to do them consistently. This is how ensure that the promises of God you need in your life are AMEN (aka a reality), instead of just YES (aka potential)!
    God wants His Word in our mouths. What if, in your case, that is what He's waiting for?!
    Loving church because I love you,
    Want to discuss how this applies to your life? Email me or Txt /Ph me 403.816.1684
    Sound Track for the Week: David Crowder - Oh How He Loves Me
    This song is a classic. It's a declaration, a revelation, and a great place to start confessing what He's already said about you...Go ahead, play it all day

    Bonus Audio for the Week:
    Rowan's Promises Rant
    Hear me rattle off a bunch of His Promises to you during a recent message in our church. I'm a little dramatic about it and get a tad excited, but it's good stuff :-)
    Road Map for the Week: These thoughts for each day are all about the thing that pleases God most. It's about action, not just theory, and based pretty much in Hebrews 11 and Mark 11. Read the chapters and get ready! Fun fun.
    Tuesday: Find the verse in Heb. 11 that answers the question, "what does it take to please God?" You'll have to find the verse because you and I want to say "being good" or "praying more" or "loving people" is what pleases Him. But those things alone don't cut it with God. What does it take? Ponder the answer you find. This is ALL that's required! What does this mean for you? What could you believe Him for right now that you've only been thinking about?
    Wednesday: Hope you found the verse yesterday :-) Reading on it says that you must believe that He is a "rewarder of those that seek Him". If that's true, and you're seeking Him, how does He want to reward you in this season of your life? Write this down? What could that look like? What could GOD do for you? Why would He?
    Thursday: Verse 1 says that faith is "substance" and "evidence". And it often flies in the face of the "seen" for it is of the "unseen" realm. Maturity in God is to believe Him for things we don't yet see, and to speak, act and think based on the "substance" of the unseen realm. It's in this way we are able to follow thru on Mark 11:23-24. What can you "say" differently today in order to "have tomorrow"?
    Friday: Okay, more from Mark 11:23-24 (yesterday). It's our habit many times to go to God about the problems in our lives. I'm personally reminded of this right now ...there are a few things I'm talking (complaining?!) to God about in my life these days. But the Bible says for us to tell the "mountain" about what God has already said, not tell God about the mountain. Folks, somethings in our lives won't change until we address them with the word of God. I don't know about you, but I can't do this in my head. I need my Bible, some verses ear-marked and space and time to declare out loud, as it were, to the mountains.
    If you need help with this - making it click, or stick email me or Txt /Ph me 403.816.1684 ... There ARE verses that apply specifically to areas you need to see transformation in. Dreaming them and speaking them IS the way to your freedom.
    Saturday: I'm leaving this one the same as last week. DO IT AGAIN. (Or, just do it! lol) ...Think of some verses that someone else needs. Scriptures that have to do with healing perhaps, or a promise of salvation, help, or protection. Write them out prayer-style, and give them away. Place in envelope with gift card to favorite coffee or retail store. Give the Word. Have fun. It could be life-changing for someone else. It will be a God-encounter for you :-)
    Sunday - See you in church!
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