Dear Church:

    Here's a thought for your week from Prov. 16:3 which states: Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.  That is, as I "roll" my "activities" over onto God, He goes to work for me to "form and fashion" my planning and dreams into reality.

    This is counter-intuitive, isn't it? You would assume that when I have everything figured out, scheduled in and on-top of my goals (all good things!) then I'd have the kind of thinking and kind of life that God would ensure His blessing upon.

    This verse assures us of the opposite! 

    Rather than in the "all my ducks being in a row" state, it's in the chaos of activity that the beauty of following Jesus happens. This is the place I can choose to let Jesus carry my care and concerns. It's in the here and now, in the busyness, and unpredictable or chaotic moments that I get to rely on Him to see me through. What a joy: The establishing power of the Lord isn't for those living the all-together life we someday hope to live, it's for you and I determining to trust God with the hopes we hold in the life we live right now. 

    You can see this same principle here too.

    Friend, do you feel like you need more of the blessing and favor of the Lord to get where you want to go? Sigh with relief for it's not through doing things better, faster, smarter or by working harder. You don't need it "all together" and to have it all figured out. Rather God is motivated, even promises, to act on our behalf when we simply "roll" the "activities" of our lives onto Him. God is curious as to the internal state of your heart trusting Him, far more than He is any other metric of maturity. Peace to you this week as you "roll" any care or chaos, any disruption or confusion, any grief or turmoil, indecision or unfulfilled desires over onto God. Rest assured that in doing so, He will establish you.

    Come to think of it, It's exactly what a Good Father would do for a child he loves, isn't it?!  Can't wait to celebrate Fathers Day with you this Sunday for we are indeed living in the light of this kind of LOVE!

    Speaking of Sunday - who could you bring with you that needs to know this? Make a phone call / send out some txt invites. Remember: a dad-celebrating BBQ to be served after the service! See you there,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

    PS. Bonus: Give this a listen, you'll LOVE it!

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