If you've ever experienced love, or a bit of happiness,
    Or what about delight at a moment of life’s silliness.
    If you've ever had the chance to feel some pleasure,
    Or the sweetness of health and peace and some well-deserved leisure.

    If you've ever felt deliverance from a foe of truth,
    If you've ever won a fight when there was no strength in you. 
    Or ever been given something you didn't exactly earn,
    Or fell into something wonderful at an undeserved turn.

    If you've ever connected to Someone higher than your thoughts,
    Felt like there was Someone on your side when you felt a bit dwarfed.
    If you've ever glimpsed this Someone - holy and perfect and true - 
    And yet felt like you were loved and wanted just for being you.

    If you've ever asked for a new start and found it
    Needed new hope and then hope abounded
    If you've ever wished to truly live and lived some
    Or needed to know a path and inexplicably found one

    If you've ever seen light in a dark dark place
    Or a joy cascading upon a longing face.
    If you’ve ever known perfection replacing disgrace,
    And evil’s vice melting, sin erased…

    ...Then you've encountered Jesus - Sent from Heaven, victorious
    By the kindness of our Father - Who gave His Son to save us!
    Praise you Holy Spirit for this life revealed within us,
    Thank You Jesus Christ for Your Light that now surrounds us!


    (Written in a moment of inspiration during the fabulous pre-Christmas rush! Take 30 mins to write your own - it draws the meaning of the season out of you!)


    On Wednesday, December 21, 2016, said:

    Such truth! The kind of truth that brings great blessing. Thank you Pastor. Please know we will be praying for abundant blessing for you and your beautiful family this Christmas and always. Not because you are awesome and do awesome things, but just because we love you. Which we will continue to do! Stay well Friend! Doug (...& Bunny too!)


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