If Your Heart Had Eyes

    Dear Church:

    Here's a thought for your end-of-week:

    Seeing who God is more clearly results in seeing who you are more clearly.

    This is no better achieved than through worship. That is, a focus of the "eyes of our heart" upon Jesus. It's strange perhaps to think of your heart "looking" at things...

    Oh but it does! 

    Your heart looks to the next thing on your agenda for some reprieve, or some excitement. Your heart searches for others to tell it what it wants to know. Our hearts are always peering into our circumstances for confirmation of their hopes and fears.

    But for your heart and mine the greatest fixation, the most rewarding target, the thrill beyond thrills is none other than JESUS! To lift our eyes off everything else and to settle them on Jesus is a great Peace, a great Excitement, and the greatest Joy of our hearts.

    In fact, it's only by doing this that we can begin to see who we really are

    When we worship, what emerges out of the fog of our apathy and self-effort is an awareness of the Greatness of the One in us; the mission He's entrusted to us and the purpose that He has in the minutia of what's in front of us. 

    Only with our eyes on Him can we see ourselves as the eternal, mountain-moving, Sons-and-Daughters-of-God we are! ...And our situations and circumstances for the temporary, and changeable structures they are!

    I believe we fall prey to the error of minimizing ourselves far more than the opposite. And we do it because we minimize who our God is.

    This can be remedied through the habit of personal worship, by which at any time and in any place the center of our attention is placed back where it belongs, light and revelation enter and we can do with power and confidence what we need to do.

    Go ahead, look to Jesus, and have yourself a mini-worship session now. Can't wait to do it with you all on Sunday - My heart is already there!

    Loving church because I love you,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

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