Dear Church:

    I trust the New Year is rolling out just nicely for you! Building from my last email on how to best think about this year ahead, I'd like to share with you more about the confidence we have in God.

    The Bible teaches that when you're following God there aren't any challenges in your path impossible for you to overcome. This the mindset and attitude of the believer and it fuels our success in life.

    Past and current circumstances, however, work against us to chip away at our confidence. Add some fatigue or discouragement and we can find ourselves struggling for perspective. Plus other people (some of the best intentioned ones!) can often challenge or question our belief in the things we know to be true in God, causing that belief to drain away. 

    Also, over time we can question past revelations, slip into old patterns of thinking and believing, and lose our trust in God's goodness for us. In other words, "faith" leaks!

    PROBLEM: Our confidence is the key to our success! If the enemy can get us to think in an average way we'll be speaking and acting average lives - and this is FAR from what God has for us

    This temptation must be intentionally countered by a choice to stay close to God and His truth about you and what you're capable of. When noticing you're low in confidence and needing a faith boost:

    • Find it. Decipher the source of the faith-drain. Was it a conversation? An insecurity? A lie that you're tempted to believe? Something in your habits or routine? Guilt? Be aware of what your kryptonite is! As specific as possible helps - and you can learn this over time.
    • Bring it. Bring it before God in prayer and ask Him for His perspective on it. He's available and willing for this chat. Run to Him, not from Him! We get into trouble when we look at challenges through our eyes and not from how He sees things. Practice perfects this process.
    • Repair it. That is, turn from believing a lie you've identified. Or exchange a thought that discourages with one that brings you strength. This may require a shift of the heart in which you consciously choose to believe God, often putting some serious emotions aside. You'll get good at this too, especially once you experience the rewards.

    Awareness of your confidence level in God sets you up to do better at being able to do something about it when it's low. This year make a point of nurturing your faith like gold - your confidence is the catalyst for your success.

    Together, let's make this year great!
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