Dear Gateway Victory: Happy New Year! 

    Church, today we embark on a journey together. I want to provide here some guidelines for aligning our perspective with God's will for us in 2016. Who knows the treasures and challenges this next chapter will hold for us? All we know is that surely embedded within the next 365 days are plans and purposes from Him that the Bible tells us aregood, so very good for us! 

    It's this promise that enables us to approach 2016 with confidence. This is important because you can't have peace unless you know there is nothing to fear. And right now at this juncture between where you are and where He's taking you Jesus is offering to massage your soul with this peace. Take some time to receive it. Kick fear in your life to the curb this year and determine to live instead with power, love and clear thinking (2 Tim. 1:7). 

    Let's also approach it as a brand new chapter. This is critical because you will never leave behind and live free from what you're holding on to inside. In this moment there's an offer of a clean slate - of a washing away of the clutter and baggage of yester-year. Spend a few moments going over this with God. Be specific and let Him wash away what used to be, in favor of where He's taking you. Regardless of the offenses, the wounds, the trials or the stubborn circumstances of 2015, you can live in newness of life in 2016.

    Know this too: 2016 has been carefully crafted by God to show you more of HimLife only has it's fullest meaning when it's revealing to us the One who gave us that life. You may not know what 2016 holds, but it certainly holds this opportunity of a closer walk with Him. Pre-decide now to press into His Presence, listen for His voice and seek His closeness in whatever may come your way.

    So together, let's approach what lies ahead with our hands and heads lifted high, with the reassurance of something fresh and clean, and with the anticipation of increased closeness and knowledge of the God who offers us an ever increasing abundant life. 

    Imagine your church, imagine a year, where we all live like this!

    Believing for His very best for you,
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