Wow! First quarter of 2014 is almost complete! How's it been for you? No really, what do you make of 2014 so far?

    Perhaps more to the point, what will you make of the rest of it?

    For me, I find examining my life (looking at my progress in living the best life for Jesus possible), by the year's quarters holds a lot of benefits:
    • We overestimate the power of what we can do in just a week
    • We find a month passes before we know it
    • We underestimate what we can do in 90 days
    3 months is long enough to break a habit. As in, really break it off your life.

    3 months is also long enough to establish a brand new routine - and our routines are what end up creating the quality of life we live. Powerful.

    3 months is long enough to look back and say you have the start of a new track record in a certain area.

    3 months is long enough to bring you into another season. To really change the scenery.

    3 months is long enough to transcend any emotional or physical ups and downs that can sabotage your progress on a more micro scale. 

    So what's one-thing you need to see changed in your life for your destiny to come to pass? Think about that question. One thing. And now this question: Why not make this one thing a bar you set for yourself to add / complete / change / eliminate by June 2014?

    What would it feel like if you did this and actually succeeded? And then did it 2 more times for the last half of the year and rounded out 2014 with some personal barriers broken and looking at some brand new territory in your life?

    To 2014!



    What the Bible says on examining your life as a practice: Prov. 4:23-17; Eph. 2:10
    Matching song: All This Time, Delirious 
    Action items:
    • Dream it
    • Write it down and tell somebody
    • Create an action plan for each week
    • Find what your Bible says about it
    • Journal your progress
    • Help someone else in a goal they have
    • Pray!

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