Churches are a dime-a-dozen as they say. In fact north of 400 in our city of Calgary alone! So, why would a friend or neighbor of yours want to come to ours?

    What makes us stand out?

    Well, we have a niche (if you will) of seeking to perpetuate life-changing God-encounters. That is, we're creating a place together where people can come and experience God in a way that changes the way they live. We're characterized by being a spot where you can feel the love and acceptance of God - no matter what your church background or lack of it.

    Not to mention, we're on an incredible adventure together: In just over 4 years 100+ people call our church home and there's a growing heart-felt prayer among us for God to use us to create something much larger than ourselves. It's coming!

    That said, our uniqueness isn't enough to stand out to a friend or neighbor of yours. In fact, it's merely our particular living out of the Great Commission - which all churches share! So what really makes us stand out? Answer:


    You are the one with the key to make our church unique. The way to make a church stand out to someone is for it to be the only one they've received a caring invitation to attend! 

    And you and I can make this happen. It all starts with a simple conversation. "Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something...". Then just a simple invite for them to come to church with you. Throw in a bit of what we're all about above. 

    And whatever the response, you say, "no, seriously, you should come check it out, you might be surprised what you find there" or "...what if you could really find {Insert God / an answer / some hope / the miracle you need}?" 

    Then give them the information and leave it at that. Let God do the rest. Think about it: 

    Only you can make your church stand out to the people only you know.

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