Your intention to follow God, your heart's allegiance to Him is how to solicit His help in your life.

    This is what invites His rescue, guidance Presence into our lives. Once you choose to go there, He moves heaven and earth to respond, and the supernatural is activated on your behalf. Friends, our God will turn and redeem any situation on the planet for the one whose heart is His.

    The key, of course, is to live with this focus, not just go there when in a crisis or you're at the end of your rope. A heart posture before God that says "I'm here to follow your lead", "what would you have me do / say / think in this situation" will always get you through and back on top. Once on top, now that you have success and momentum in an area of life, the trick is to keep the posture that got you there.

    Harder said than done because success comes with many a distraction. But, think of it: if He can move heaven and earth to rescue you, what could He do with your success?

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