How God Gives You Increase

    Dear Church:

    This year, God's been speaking increase over us! I guess that's because He is a multiplier by nature and expansion by multiplication is His designed mode of increase in our lives.

    In fact His very mandate on us as His sons and daughters is to receive heaven's reality, the seeds of what He wants, and to multiply it in the world around us. This is just as true for us in 2016 AD as it was for Adam in 6033 BC (year made up, don't email me about this), when God said, "Be fruitful and multiply. Take dominion!" 

    Multiplication requires an increase of vision. That is, a vision beyond what you see as possible to remember you serve a God bigger than that! A vision that expands your thinking to Biblical proportions! What would you do for God if you knew you couldn't fail? What would you ask Him? Imagine for a moment the multiplication of the Goodness of God in...

    • Your love life. The world needs to see Jesus in our romantic relationships resulting in the greatest intimacy, communication and love-filled days they've ever seen.
    • Your finances. In an economy that's struggling, your finances can be multiplying! What would that look like? What could be the vehicles for this? How can you start?
    • Your faith. What would happen if all of a sudden your faith (the capacity to fully believe what God wants to do and to ask Him for it) multiplied to the point you saw coworkers getting supernaturally healed, people far from God getting back to Him, and God using you to do it?!
    • Your influence. Would it be enough if every Christian had the influence for Christ that you do?! What if your answer for this was something like: "Well, I guess several children would have been raised to have a personal and passionate faith, about 6 people this year would find new faith in God because of invitations to come to church and several prayers for healing and deliverance for coworkers and neighbors would be answered drawing many to Jesus!" Do you want this for you? He does.
    • Your righteousness, peace and joy! Imagine a season in which the water of the Spirit of God upon your heart yielded an abundant crop of revelation of righteousness, abundant peace for your soul and joy overflowing!!! I can't wait to see this in you! And in me!

    In God's agenda of increase for us, vision is often the first step. A bold vision, followed by the step-by-step as God reveals it to us, is the M.O. of heaven. Spend a few crucial moments thinking about the vision that God's placing in your heart. Allow Him to stretch it and to show you things beyond your current expectation.

    Along with adapting our vision to what it entails, multiplication and increase also takes some boldness, doesn't it? We'll look at this Bible concept of divine, inner strength next time. Until then begin to answer the questions: In your life, what could double this year? What could triple over the next 18 months? What would that look like? Then ask, could I dare to believe that's what God wants for me?

    You bet I'm asking God these questions about my life too, and for our church. God is speaking "increase" over us. Let's move into it together!

    Loving church because I love you,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 


    I'm excited about what God is doing and has for us a church in February 2016. Some highlights:

    • Valentines Day! The men of our church are planning a pretty special surprise for our brides and the other ladies of our church. I'm soooo looking forward to it :-)
    • Alberta Family Day Event - We're providing an opportunity for the whole GVC family to join in a fun event together in the late afternoon, early evening of Feb. 15th. We're releasing details this Sunday. Stay tuned!
    • The MEN of our church are stepping up like never before to lead themselves, their families and their church into the BEST God has. When men BE men - look out enemy!!! Next Men's Breakfast is Feb. 27th.
    • God's plans for us: As a church we spent most of January praying (and fasting) for what God wants to do this year. Check out / review the themes that emerged.
    • We're on PeriscopeGrab your mobile device and check it out. We're seeing that this can be a valuable tool in letting people experience our message "live".  Look for @GatewayVictory
    • Involvement Increase. Thanks for volunteering and serving in different capacities as God lays it on your hearts to do so. Make sure to get your questions answered, find a place where you fit best, and let's keep mobilizing the best teams ever!
    • NEW: Details to be released this Sunday on a brand new initiative hosted by Dave and Anna's Gateway. If you want to better your current (or future!) romantic relationship or just a place to learn some fantastic communication skills circle every other Wednesday night from Feb. 24 to April 20th -  you might be busy!  ❤

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