How can you believe "God is Good", when your life is notably not?! 

    It might sound like a funny question, but what do you do when you lose sight of "God being Good"? When your struggle is that you don't know if you can trust God because your experience has been, or is, that he may not have your best interests at heart?  

    This isn't easy, but here's the "how to" of a trial. Ready?

    As trying or as stressful as what you're facing may be, the truth is there are many who have walked thru various forms of difficulty and trial before you. And, many, I dare say, thru much worse than what you and I have suffered.

    Some of these people, as they faced and processed adversity, have grown bitter, discontent, and at odds with God and His people because of the blows that life has dealt them. 

    Yet others, having come thru similar hardship, have grown deeper in their trust of God, content in His love for them, and have found a comfort and harmony with His people. A much better place!

    What's the difference? Both had trials. Both suffered injustice and loss. Both initially walked with God at the onset. The difference is, it seems, is in how they handled it. Specifically, how they walked with God thru it. 

    How would you rather end up?

    See, the test at the core of whatever life may throw at us is this: We get to steward our hearts to lean into trusting God, instead of our own understanding. (See Prov. 3:5-6)

    Regardless of what we face in life we can pre-decide to use it as an opportunity to stretch in our trust of Him. That is to choose to trust moment by moment, and to keep choosing trust, even when it seems easier not to. Friends, when we finally see Jesus, no matter whatever else we will be overwhelmed by, it'll be His Goodness that will strike us most deeply. 

    Let's trust that here and now.

    Note: Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

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