15 Reasons to Say Yes

    We say "yes" to many things with only one reason. 

    Basically bored: "Hey, want to Netflix something?" 
    Feeling snackish: "Want some fast food?" 
    Standard response: "Can I get you a coffee?"

    Below are FTIFTEEN reasons you may want to say yes to getting involved in a church team!

    Note  - we happen to have a healthy percentage of involvement at our church, so this post is not written out of a need to recruit, rather to remind volunteers the value of what they do, and to inspire those interested in joining up with a team.  Also note, not one of the reasons below are along the lines of "because the church is hurting in an area needs you!

    (Perhaps involvement on church teams has been your norm for some time now. Well, way to go, and from me as local church leader: THANK YOU!)

    Here we go. 15 Reasons to say "yes":

    1. You become a part of something MUCH MUCH MUCH bigger than you (...and it's eternal for that matter). Can your work place promise you that?!
    2. As amazing as this is, Jesus decided that the very Kingdom of God on the earth today would be supported and run due to volunteerism of people just like you and me. Can you imagine that?!
    3. The need to be valuable, needed and significant runs deep in our psyche. Church involvement makes this available to you like nothing else will
    4. To be in relationships, part of a team and working on a forward-motion project in community is a necessary ingredient to good social and personal health. Church is great at providing this for all ages, all skill levels and all talents. Wow!
    5. To go from spectator to participator in church world radically increases your growth curve in your walk with God - especially in the area of the gifts He's given you. How are you being discipled in life? Involvement answers that to a significant degree
    6. To step from consumer to contributor implies, or is a catalyst for the next level of maturity in your Christian life
    7. If you believe in the vision of your local church, your involvement on any level connects you to it and increases your enjoyment and effectiveness in seeing it fulfilled. This is HIGHLY rewarding!
    8. Where else can you develop life and leadership skills so readily and in an environment where it's safe to make mistakes?
    9. Where else can you find your fit and develop your gifts and your personal calling quite like the local church?
    10. Jesus will ask you one day, "what did you do with what I gave you?" It'd be great to have an answer that intersects with His Church!
    11. PLUS YOU'LL MEET SOME AMAZING PEOPLE!!! (Strange ones too, probably!)
    12. Church involvement is a form of worship that's deep, ongoing and rewarding. He loves it when we love His Church!
    13. Church involvement can range from a 1/2 hour to a day of service or more each week - find your fit in whatever season you're in
    14. What you learn in church leadership and involvement has a direct positive impact on your home and work life. You'll learn principles and practices that are universally applicable
    15. If we're following Jesus, the bottom line is that we're on a learning curve to love people like He loves us, empowered by His grace. Church involvement is a great environment for accelerating this growth like nothing else

    Selah :-) 

    For involvement questions and to find your fit at Gateway Victory, email hello@gatewayvictory.com 


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