Happy Canada Day, Church!

    Greetings on this sunny (so far, at least!) Canada Day :-)  

    ...Hope you're set to enjoy the bbq's, family and friendships that help you celebrate this great country!  Please reply to this email with THREE things you're thankful to God about regarding Canada! Plans are to anonymously use these on Sunday, so attend or tune in to hear yours.

    As followers of Jesus, here are two things to consider and act on for this long weekend ahead:

    1. It's half way through the year. How's it going for you?

    The Bible says to a. Trust God in life and b. Pay attention to the direction we're going. These comprise the starting place for those wanting to do an internal check up on how the year is going so far.

    Join me in considering these on a deep, personal level today. In the background of your heart and mind, consciously steer yourself to trusting God again with every area of your life. Really lean into it (instead of the other way - Prov. 3:5-6!). And take some time amidst the fullness of the day to ask the Lord, "...how's my path these days Holy Spirit? Any adjustments you want to see God? I want to yield to you and worship you in the way I live this life you've given me."

    2. It's a day of celebration for being a part of Canada. What's your part in that?

    As the politicians run with their agendas, natural disasters come and go, and the economy rolls along with it's ups and downs and surprises - it's easy to feel insignificant in the shaping of our country. Overwhelmed by the task even.

    But ever wonder what shapes this land and it's people at it's core? Each individual person, living out their influence on the people around them, that's who. Especially those with vision and answers to the challenges and emptiness people face. The real change-agents in our society are the people who talk about the meaning they've found in life with those that haven't found it yet. 

    That's you and me!  Friends, more than we realize, IT'S THE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS THAT SHAPE THIS GREAT COUNTRY! That's right, the power to change the world is in our hands! I encourage you to join us this Sunday for a fun service as we celebrate Canada Day Sunday. We'll dive into this topic head first and come up with some great truths and challenges for you to take home.

    How about you talk about it with someone and invite them?

    See you around soon!

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-) 

    PS. We're looking for some volunteers for our Stampede Breakfast, July 10th. We'll be replacing our regular service with an amazing opportunity to join with the Woodcreek Association and serve breakfast to 1000+ of our church neighbors!  Our goal with this is for each of our neighbors, adults and kids alike, to go home with a smile on their face and a thought to check out our church because of the volunteerism and enthusiasm we've shown.

    Please reply to this email to let us know you'd like to be a part. ...Kids games stations, on the grill, set up and tear down - we need you!

    PPS. One last thing - do it now!  Fire off a reply email with THREE things you're thankful to God about regarding Canada!  Thank you!

    Now, go do something fun today!

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