Going it Alone?

    We end up feeling like we're doing so much alone. Perhaps especially when things get tricky in life, like when an argument ensues, or we hit a financial hurdle, or something unexpected and negative happens. It's almost like when things are going well we see God clearer, can talk to Him openly and see evidence of His Presence. But when things go south, we have a hard time with knowing He's near. Here's why:
    • We assume fault. Further, we assume that because we're at fault He withdraws
    • We fear failure. And because we think God could / should be doing something about it, we withdraw from Him
    • We reject Him. A deep-rooted sense of abandonment kicks in - we think we see evidence that God is distant and so we put Him in that box
    Then someone tells, us, "Hey God is with you", but we don't feel it, or sense it, so we continue to go it alone. The problem is, your guilt, fears and rejection-complex in this regard are leading you to a wrong conclusion. The truth is, in Christ:
    • Our guilt is erased because of what Jesus has already done
    • Our fear isn't even real! It has no place, even in failure itself, because we're accepted by God
    • Our rejection is misplaced. God is the very source of all we need in places of struggle, it's the enemy's lies we should be pushing away 
    So, if "Hey, God is with you" doesn't seem true to you because it's the last thing you feel, don't beat yourself up because you don't sense God's presence, and don't be upset with God because He seems far away. Instead tackle your shame, fear and any rejection of Him.  Use these verses below to reveal to yourself where God truly is. Then tell yourself, He is with me, and revel in the knowledge of His Presence. Don't ever go it alone again!

    Verses to look up 

    Romans 8:1

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