God's Will For You

    God's divine plan for us, undoubtedly exceeds our expectations. We have to remember this, especially when the "going gets tough". It's in rough times that we begin to question if we will succeed, or even if we're supposed to. We begin to accept the limitations of our own ability, and the place we're in in life.
    That's a mistake! The fact is, His Will is for us to overcome any and every obstacle, challenge, barrier, problem that's in front of us. Consider this: What you're facing in life right now is not God is not limiting you, but rather Him expanding you. No matter what, His plan is for you to overcome {link to ...."more than conquerors" in Rom. 8}. To be bigger than the problem, because He resides inside you. To rise up above the challenge because He is risen. To enforce His victory, because He did it for you!
    So don't lie down spiritually and accept a given fate, or a "that's just life" ceiling. What if it doesn't have to be? Instead, rise up and seek the way to Victory, because that's His will for you!

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