God is Speaking (#2)

    Heard God say to me a while back, "Write your own path!"

    It came on the heels of reading and studying a fair bit of material on personal productivity and leadership, and it took me by surprise. I realized that a shift was imminent: from a mindset of "learning how-to" to "implementing how-to" and (this is most important part) in a way that works for me.

    Let's say you were to read everything Chapters carries on a single self-help topic, for instance, there's no way you'd be able to implement it all! You'd drive yourself and everyone around you crazy! At some point you'd need to determine how you are going to do something. You'd have to draw from the collective and varied wisdom that you'd read to determine a course of informed action.

    That was the point I felt God was leading me to. I've found that this is a mindset, more than something neatly laid out. However, the challenge, should you want to take it too (!) is to be able to answer questions like these:

    1. What is your personal plan for getting things done? Ie. From journal to to do list, from bank to balance, from Monday to Friday what is your system? If you had to walk someone through your productivity system how would that look?
    2. What are your personal values? Ie. What statements / principles / practices do you believe / operate in that inform your choices?

    3. How do you connect regularly and increasingly with God? If there's a relationship that's meant to grow, it's that one! What are your routines and disciplines and mindsets for seeing that happen?

    4. What is your system for increasing net-worth? Paying down debt? Investing your savings?

    What questions would you add? What course of action do you need to personally determine and take some initial steps? Lay these things out well enough so that you could you teach someone else how you do it.

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