God's greatness demands to be shared!

    God is great because His greatness intersects with our lives in abundant-life producing ways. The more you follow after Him you more you know this to be true.

    And when we experience His goodness it demands a certain response: That we share it with others! Psalms 107:2-8 expresses this well: "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so!" In other words, if He has redeemed you, rescued you, defeated the enemy on your behalf - be quick to say so, to tell it - to make it known!

    Check out: Psalm 96:3 and Psalm 105:2

    If God has been great to you, then find a way to tell someone about it. Here are the building blocks to your next great story about God's goodness in your life. Spend a moment fleshing out each of these...

    • Show how you used to be / used to think / were prone to do
    • Reminisce why this was a problem / where this got you / where this was headed if left unchecked
    • Recount how God intervened/ what got your attention / what change became apparent
    • Rave about what changed / what's new / where you're headed now 
    • Highlight the qualities of God that made Him so great in this area of your life - His love, faithfulness, His truth, His mercy...

    Now pray for an opportunity to share your testimony. Be ready. It's powerful! Give it away!

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