Fuel for Your Week!

    Dear Gateway Victory Church:

    A few quick how-to's, opportunities and news-alerts for your week:

    1. The audio of Mara's Sunday Message from Nov. 30 is up on the website. Fantastic preaching that summarizes, rounds out and applies our series on GRACE. Find it at www.gatewayvictory.com/podcasts.

    2. This coming Sunday evening join us 7-8:30pm at Woodcreek Community Center for a Special Christmas Connect. It'll be a casual, kid-friendly time of carol singing, a kids gift exchange, some special numbers and Christmas treats. Full details at www.gatewayvictory.com/events

    3. A season of breakthrough is upon us as a church! To the degree you're connected to a church - as that church goes, so goes your life! Get ready for:
    • Opportunities that have seemed out of reach to suddenly be made available. Take some bold steps when the doors open ahead of you
    • Starting to pull on God's Promises like never before. Fill your talking with faith. Be a person of promise no matter what your situations and circumstances are telling you. Mark 11:22-24
    • Bigger dreams! What if God was limited by our hopes and expectations? Does what God wants to do fit in your dream?
    • Pray the prayers and sing the songs that bring breakthrough - Acts 16:25
    4. Follow along with what God is saying to us as a church, and our meetings and activities around it:
    • Main scripture reference lately is the jail-break in: Acts. 16
    • Please pray prayers out of this scripture for our church: Micah 2:13
    • Starting message of this series on Breakthrough is over at www.gatewayvictory.com/podcasts
    • Join us for our midweek prayer meeting Thursday night, and/or for the Ladies Evening Gathering (if you're one of them!) this Friday. Details and more on our events always available over at www.gatewayvictory.com/events
    • We're creating packages of Christmas meals and gifts for some families in our church and friends of our church. Would you like to give towards this? Help with putting them together and /or delivery? Email me to get involved. Be someones breakthrough miracle!
    In this final countdown of 2014, let's cherish all He's done in us, in our families and in our church. Let's glimpse into what He wants yet to do in the coming months. And let's strengthen the alliances with each other that will make it possible in 2015.

    Loving church because I love you,

    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)

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