Energy Best Spent

    Energy best spent is energy yielded to Holy Spirit's work in our lives. Energy spent amiss is that which resists Him or is counter to His purposes.

    • To yield is to trust. Relying on God for EVERYTHING. No striving necessary :-)
    • To yield is to love. Seeing people around us as God does and acting accordingly
    • To yield is to know. Who we are and what that means in terms of security, provision and our value

    How much of the frustration, stubborn circumstance and relational difficulty we sometimes experience is a product of simply not yielding to Holy Spirit?

    Friends, what if we ALWAYS knew what to do because Holy Spirit is in us to show us the way, and yet we pretend not to know? Or think that we know better? Or just don't give Him the energy of our response in a given moment?

    I say we always know deep down, because that's His promise. And our way is not better - God help us! And His way is always worth the energy, because, when we yield, that's our experience.

    Every time!

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