Easter is Over. Now What?

    Dear Gateway Victory: 

    What a fantastic Sunday we had last weekend! Thanks to all of you who participated, prayed, served and invited friends - it was a success by all measures and Jesus' Presence was encountered. You helped make it happen!  

    Now that it's behind us though, have you been wondering: Easter is over, now what?

    Let's coin a new term. A condition, really. I've been detecting it around all week so far: Easter-lag 

    You know, the feeling of the uninspirational ordinary catching up with you. Its the inevitable feeling that creeps into the week after an event that promises to transport you out of time and let you see what life's all about!

    Then it's over and there you are. Just you and your life. 

    If you don't want to just sleep it off, ignore it away or settle for less, here's the antidote mindset:

    The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you! Romans 8:11 

    This is always true! The life-changing, barrier-breaking, death-defying, grace-giving power from God that we all celebrated last weekend lives on inside of us!

    That makes us carriers. Givers, actually, of this life. And incidentally that's the key to accessing it and living in the light of it: Look for ways to give it away

    • Smile big at someone who doesn't expect it (or deserve it)
    • Step out and pray for someone and know in your heart the answer is on its way
    • Invite someone to church 
    • Be the positive, solutions-driven person in the office and be ready to say why 
    • Take an extra moment to let your kids really feel your love and affection
    • Talk with someone about how they can encounter God
    • Respond in love to unkindness ...and say why
    • Choose to speak the truth in a difficult conversation
    • Ask God what He would like you to do in an area of life. Listen for Him speaking to your heart. What do you sense? Be ready to obey.

    All these, though small, are transormational when done acknowledging His power that's in us. Fact is, you always have the power to choose to create the God kind of effect wherever you are - in small and sometimes big ways.  You can set the spiritual temperature in a place or in a day. There is never any excuse for a boring day, week, or life! 

    This, friends, is how, throughout history, the power that raised Jesus from the dead lives beyond what we celebrated last weekend. It's in and thru people like us. In "ordinary" lives like ours. It's in all the little ways we get to spread the grace, peace, joy and saving power of Jesus around us.

    Easter is over. Now what? That's up to us. 

    Loving church because I love you!

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