Easter Edge

    Here's the deal: there's nothing more wonderful, powerful and motivating that the events we celebrate at Easter. And yet, our familiarity with it can negate our relishing of it. To know it and to live like it's TRUE are two very different things.
    So we pull on Heaven to refresh our understanding once again. We ask Him to do in us what we cannot do ourselves: To bring us from "I know all that" to being "overwhelmed by that". 
    We humble ourselves before the scenes of the cross, before the empty tomb, before the resurrected appearances of Christ. To be taught by them, to be lifted up by them, and to be empowered by them once again. 
    Then bit by bit we put into play in our lives what we learn here. We experience a power at work in us and then through us much much greater than our own. Our very life becomes all about His life. Our vision, His vision.  
    And we become transformed.

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