Don't Starve

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    Dear Gateway Victory:
    Hey everyone - Happy Tuesday! 
    ...If not call me, we'll pray and turn it around :-)
    Essential to becoming who God made us to be is to develop our own interaction with the Bible! Yes, to interact with it. Not just read it or study it, not even to memorize parts of it - rather to have an interaction with it what it's saying, how it's saying it and who's behind it all.
    On Sunday we said 2 great questions to kick start this in your life are:
    1. Where it "that"? In other words, that instruction you think is in there but you're not sure where, that promise from God you heard about in church and kinda really need in your life, that thing at work you need an answer for right now.... where is it? Find it. Open the Bible and go there. Underline. Tell someone you found it.
    2. Where am I right now? In other words, always have "a place in the Bible you've reading lately". Maybe it's a Psalm and a chapter of Proverbs each day, or maybe it's reading the letters to the early church, or the accounts of Jesus' life. Doesn't really matter, so long as you have a place in the Bible that you go to when you pick it up.
    Always be looking for the answers to these questions. Build ritual around it. Pattern your day around finding the answers. This launches an interaction with the Word of God that will be incredibly rewarding and a huge asset to your quality of life.
    Cool Fact:  Anthony Greco of Calgary Life Center (a fantastic, large church in our city's NE) stood up on Sunday and said, "If all you get of the Bible is this 90 minute service each week, you're STARVING!"
    Great thought from a church across the city. And a sobering truth: your Christian life cannot be complete, nor your spiritual growth healthy without a regular diet of the Word of God - no matter what church you're in, or what your background is. We're saying it, Greco's saying it, Jesus is saying it.
    Don't starve! Ask the questions above and get them answered. Then intentionally repeat. Remember, only you can do this for you. Have a feast at your next opportunity. Let interaction with the Bible be birthed (or re-birthed) in your life. Don't delay.
    See you Sunday for the THIRD essential ingredient in your spiritual walk.
    Loving church because I love you,
    Need prayer? Someone to discuss life with? Want to talk about how all this applies to your life? Email me or Txt /Ph me 403.816.1684
    403.816.1684 - ph/txt anytime :-)
    Road Map for the Week: 
    This week start a new note on your iPhone/Smart phone, or open up a draft email in your email account, or use your journal, and record things you wonder where they are in the Bible. That is keep a running list of tings you want / need to find the answer to "Where is "that"?
    • You've heard Jesus is like a Shepherd. Where is that?
    • You have someone on your heart that really really needs to know about Jesus. Where is that?
    • You wonder if God has more for you in your experience of Him. Where is that?
    • You heard the guy at the front in church talk in strange language and he said it was something that God empowers people to do. Where is that?
    • You've realized that this feeling of revenge and angst against that person isn't right for you, but what to do about it? Where is that?
    • You're pretty sure the Bible talks about marriage and love. Where is that?
    • You want to know what the Bible has to say about being single. Where is that?
    • You get mistreated by someone at work and there is a mix of frustration and hurt but then also the urge to pray for that person. Ah! What to do? Where is that?
    • You really regret something you've done and you want to move past it. Where is that?
    • You're interested in all the accounts about Jesus healing people. Where is that?
    Now make your own, highly personal list. Go.
    Also, this week, if you don't already, establish a place in the Bible you're reading from. Start with Ps. 1. Or Ps. 23. Or Ps. 91. Or Ps. 139. Yes, I like the Psalms. They're like looking into the journal or heart-story of person who loved God and walked according to His ways.
    Another thing I love to do is to scan a chapter of Proverbs each day. There are 31 chapters to that book so each day of the month correlates to the chapter I read. If I miss a few days, no big deal, I just pick it up again when I can.  Try it!
    Or try something. Do something. Open it up. That's the point. Let the interaction begin!

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