Want to know what to do in a specific situation? Here are some believer basics that'll get you headed in the right direction:

    1. It starts by trusting God and being willing - being willing to do whatever He wants in whatever situation you're in. Go to the place you make decisions in your heart and really ask yourself if you're willing. Make known to God what you're feeling and thinking and make adjustments in your willingness to follow Him. Yield.

    2. Then, find some Word. Here's where you look into the Bible for direction. This can come as a you find a place in which the Word discusses your specific situation, or when you're reading along and a scripture jumps out at you as coming from God as guidance. In all cases find several scripture passages to back up what you're considering the will of God to be. Then act!

    3. Also, practice hearing the voice of God. Jesus promised that we would hear His voice and that He would guide us with it. So settle your heart before Him and ask Him to speak. This is more a spiritual "position of hearing" that you hold for several days (or as long as required!) and continually thank Him for speaking into your situation. He will!

    4. And always remember, if you're stuck, find some counsel. The Bible says that it's with wisdom from others that we're best able to win the battles we're engaged in. Warning: This step can take a considerable degree of humility, and we often go far too long without asking for help from others. So determine to jump to this option sooner than you're inclined to and you won't regret it. Of course, be wise with who you go to, and aim to always have a few people in your life that can help you, ready for when you need it. Find someone with this (yup, click there), and then go get it.

    God has purposed that as His kids we can hear him regarding our life's circumstances and move with confidence. I trust these steps will assist you in that adventure.

    Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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