Day Mastery

    A day is never born neutral. Both the enemy and Holy Spirit have been up before you and vie for the dominant place in your thinking. They both have blueprints for your next 24 hours. The enemy for our discouragement and ruin, the Holy Spirit to life, peace and productivity.

    The key is who gets the allegiance of your heart. Who's thought process will you follow? Who's blueprint will you live-out on the canvas of the day ahead?

    Pointers: Each day is fresh and new no matter what the enemy tries to remind you of; it's far easier to start a day right than make it right so choose allegiance early; and there's no challenge or obstacle you can't overcome (so you get to think, feel, act accordingly).

    You might want to start your day, or course correct, using this prayer.

    Have a great day! 

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