Creating Rescuers

    Dear Gateway Victory:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting with you all on Sundays! Isn't God good the way He aligns us and draws us closer to Him? There's nothing like doing church with you all. This is a highlight of my life! I hope yours also.

    Fact: God rescues us in the worst of messes and in the most dire of times. He's pretty good at it too. Many of us know first hand.

    Also Fact: He's into making us His rescuers!

    God does this by ensuring we grow spiritually to become all He designed us to be. He takes great care to give us the essential ingredients required for us to mature.

    In church this month we'll be unpacking this: What does it take for you to become more of you? Specifically, were asking "what are the essential ingredients to this process, and how can I ensure I have them in my life?"

    And when we talk about YOU becoming more of YOU, we mean the very best version of you possible. ...You do know there are different versions of yourself waiting for you, right? And you and I get to pick which version of ourselves we want to become.
    • The version of you that gave up on those dreams and desires because things seemed too hard, or
    • The version of you that only went so far down the path of your destiny because you settled, or
    • The version of you that ended up regretting where you spent your time and energy in life, or
    • The version of you that allowed issues of character to chip away at the value you could've added to others around you

    Think about it.

    Set your determination to be the very best you possible. This big choice, of course, starts with the little choices. So here's what we're going to do as a church:
    • We're going to establish what the right ingredients are for us to become the best version of ourselves possible,
    • Then we're going to create rituals around these activities
    • And then we're going to repeat, over and over, being intentional about them in our lives
    This, my friends, will drive our success in every area. God is a who RESCUES, yes. But then there are the RESULTS that come from walking with Him consistently over time ...the greatest of which is God using you to rescue others.

    Come on, let's be a church that rescues.

    Loving church because I love you,


    Missed Sunday?

    In case you missed Sunday, you can find the message on our YouTube Channel, or our website later in the week. See links below. We'll let you know via Facebook, when it's uploaded. In the meantime, the "right ingredients" we'll be covering over the next three weeks are:
    1. Conversations with God (Prayer)
    2. Interaction with the Word (Bible)
    3. Living in community (Christian Fellowship)
    Note: These ingredients are not new, granted, but you will never have heard them presented quite like what we're about to in our church, guaranteed! ...For some of us, as we embrace this our lives will radically change. For others, there will be adjustments and the addition of life-giving practices.

    What about for you?


    Need prayer? Someone to discuss life with? Want to talk about how all this applies to your life? Email me or Txt /Ph me 403.816.1684

    Sound Track for the Week:

    Hillsong - You Never Fail

    A beautiful song, beautifully done (acoustic version! Love it) - and the words of this song are sooooooo true.

    Road Map for the Week:

    This week, daily pray a prayer from Psalm 139. ...Jesus is acquainted with all your ways. He will show you any He desires to see change in, and He will lead you in the way everlasting. Write out a prayer based on this Psalm in first person and pray it out loud each day.

    On Sunday I challenged us all to begin to ask this week, "so what does feed me spiritually?". See, the truth is we're already consuming certain things, already involved in rituals of sorts and already being intentional about it. So let's track it this week. Each day, write down:
    1. What am I looking forward to today?
    2. Yesterday, what did I do with my spare time? Why?
    3. Yesterday, what activity I engaged in affected me (emotionally) the most? Why?
    4. If no-one was looking, no interruptions, and I could do whatever I wanted today, what would that be?
    Answering these questions, surfaces where you go and what you do to feed the core of who you are (your heart, or your spiritual side). For most of us, this includes some activities focused on God. For all of us it will reveal some of what else we do for nourishment. (Not every one of these other things is negative or needs to be changed. You just owe it to yourself to know what's feeding you).

    Of course, you'll have to be honest with yourself. And you'll have to record your answers. Then come Friday or Saturday this week, look back over what you've written and answer:
    1. What do I do / where does my heart go when it needs something?
    2. Is there anything potentially off-base, needing alignment, damaging about the activities I looked forward to or engaged in this week?
    3. If I were to make some changes with this, what would be a good place to start?
    Remember: Awareness is a first step to change. Be patient and collect some answers and perspective here, and then you'll have what you need to make some significant changes as needed.

    Beware: Asking these questions and seeking honesty with yourself is potentially life-changing. Holy Spirit LOVES to get involved here and begin to mess with the root-causes of our daily operations. This can create God-encounters!

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