Hello Gateway - trust all is well with you and yours as we welcome Spring 2019! For all the news on events and happenings this month at Gateway, feel to click on this link for your online copy of our monthly brochure (great for fwd'ing an invite to a friend too!):

    Click here for April's GVC Brochure - Events and Happenings - PLEASE NOTE:

    • Special Anniversary Service - April 14th w/ Guest Speaker, P. Craig Buroker // Light snacks served Post-Service
    • Easter Celebration Service - April 21st - INVITE A FRIEND! Clear Gospel Message // Special Choir Number

    In April 2019 our church turns 7 Years Old! That's right, another game-changing birthday is upon us (!) and in keeping with that we will take some time in our services this month to review our mission and message as a church. 7 Years ago we launched Sunday services with the mission of:

    "Creating a church together for life-changing God-encounters"

    We felt led by God to establish a group of people gathering for the purpose of experiencing more of the Presence of God in a way that changed the way we live. In many ways we've been very successful - lives have been changed to the Glory of God! ...And yet in many ways we have only just laid the foundation for what God's put in our hearts. I'm convinced that this year God has planned for us, as we partner with Him, to increase in our passion for this vision, increase in the number of people we reach, and increase in our own relationships with Him.

    No matter how long you've been with us (a few weeks, or 7 years!) I believe there is more of God for you on this adventure we're on together. The greatest journey of our lives, is one is in a faith-filled, Jesus-centered church - Let's do this together!

    With much love, 
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    A few Resources for You:

    1. Help for Voting in Alberta's Upcoming Election:

    2. Opportunity to Advance Your Faith!

    We have launched a pilot project, called Discipleship Growth Track. Click to see more indepth info and some of our communications and successes so far. This track involves making commitments to pray a certain prayer everyday, read a selection of Bible verses covering the basics of Christianity, and having a conversation about it with someone else each week. If you're looking to take your walk with God to new levels this spring / summer CHECK THIS OUT, and let me know if you'd like to jump on board

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