Change? ...How? Why?

    Dear Church - 

    Well here we are in JUNE ALREADY!  For those goal-oriented folks, the end of this month marks the end of the first half of 2015! How are your goals going? Time to re-vamp and dig back in? Redeem the time!

    Here are some valuable resources for the theme "Family - Yours and His" that we worked through in church last month. I trust that centering on this topic was a blessing to you and yours. Continue the journey of what God might be saying to you and your family with these great picks and clicks:
    1. Single? Want a resource on love, sex and dating? My favorite communicator just wrote a book you'll want to get. Click here
    2. Last Sunday our very own Julene Schroeder gave an amazing message titled: "How to Raise Children to Love the Lord" ...How is it, that people as "religious" as the day is long often end up raising kids who don't want anything to do with God? 
    3. Marriage, parenting, kids ....There is an organization in Canada that has worked for 30 years responding to the many real issues families face providing sound and practical guidance based on Christian principles. It's easy to navigate, trusted, and highly recommended. Find their work here:
    4. What are the trends in Canadian families? A 2012 CBC News article takes aim at this target here 
    5. Bestselling author and child expert writes a book called The Baby Whisperer. Everything you need to know to "calm, connect and communicate with your baby". (Mara recommends this book lots)
    6. Need to explore some of your own wholeness? Want to know what Jesus' plan is for you ...for you and Him? For you and His Family? Your marriage, even? Here's the website of one of my favorite communicators of all and he touches all of these topics and more: 
    Let these resources inspire you to action. Don't click around or even buy a book and then not ACT.

    See, it's often not for lack of resource and know-how that we stay the same, numbing ourselves to our potential, and often hurting the people we love around us. Rather it's the absence of a quality choice to do something about it. To turn and go in the right direction. Instead human nature usually has us either blame others, shame ourselves or make excuses. And nothing changes. Sound familiar?

    But not this time. Why? Because family is too important. It is THE plan of God on the earth. He sent His Son so that all the families of the earth could be blessed - ie. happy, fortunate and to be envied. Make yours one of them. Let's make our church one of them.

    Loving church because I love you,

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