Purpose in the Puzzle

    I'm pretty sure most of us have felt, or feel, like adulthood is one big puzzle. We wonder if maybe God got a few things wrong, or if we screwed it up somewhere, and marred that part of the picture. To make it more of a challenge, our lives are a little like a puzzle without edges, where we have to work from the inside out. While it's exciting to know it's without limits, it makes it infinitely harder. There's more questions.  More uncertainty.

    What's God's Expression?

    WOW! Thank you all sooooooooo much for the great celebrations of my birthday (40th!) during our service this Sunday! I was so blessed and honored by your generosity, your kind words and warm hugs. THANK YOU! You've made me all the more determined to serve you well in the journey we're on together and I feel incredibly blessed to be leading you all.