Bucket Your Chaos

    In time-management / productivity circles they talk about "bucketing" chaos. What they mean is to take those tasks involving mess, uncertainty, stress, etc. - often what comes across as URGENT - and pick a time and place to deal with them. Then commit to focusing on higher priority items and not getting distracted by them until that set time.

    Turns out that merely setting a time to deal with something seemingly pressing allows for a greater concentration and focus on the matter at hand. 

    Try it! It's an invaluable concept when you have high importance things to accomplish yet have urgent things on your plate to take care of that distract you.

    I see in this an amazing spiritual application also:

    What if we deliberately took the uncertain, stress-producing, seemingly urgent things of our lives and used prayer to "bucket" them. Not for a later time for us to deal with but for a bigger God to deal with whenever He saw fit?!

    Of course, I'm not saying abdicate responsibility for something, but we are to abdicate undue "care" for something because HE cares FOR us! 1 Pet. 5:7 

    How would it change our days - empowering a right perspective, enabling us to focus on things of import and cherishing the time we have with people we love - if we would take the time to take the pressures, fears and stresses to Him, and to determine to leave them there? To not take them back when we feel pressured to do so, but to leave them in His capable hands?

    Try it! This is an invaluable concept when you have high value objectives to live yet have fear based reactions to things on your plate that distract you.

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